Adding Action Buttons To Your Items In The App

Action buttons are a way for you to add additional elements to your offers. For example, whether it is an event that you would like people to RSVP to, a website link, or a scannable QR code with limitations on redemptions, you can now include these if your property has action buttons set up.

The different options are:

  • Add to calendar
  • Dial number
  • QR Code
  • RSVP
  • Review
  • URL

You will need to fill in...

For each action button, you will need to add a label (the text that will appear on the button) and can choose the icon that will appear alongside it. You can also customise the colours, although we strongly recommend leaving these as they are so that the buttons will be part of the default colour scheme.

Let’s look a little closer at each option

Add to calendar

When a member of your community uses your add to calendar button, it will add your item to their calendar with reminders set up based on the event’s start date.

You need to provide a short description that will be added to the calendar along with the dates.

Dial number

As the name suggests, this means you can add a button that will dial a number you specify. Once you have added the label and icon to the button, you can enter your phone number. This can be great if you need people to call ahead of time to reserve a place for an event or offer.

QR Code

If your property has access to the app's QR code system, you can easily add a scannable QR code to your offers to track redemptions and place limits.

As with all of the buttons, you need to add your label and choose an icon. After that, there are a few fields that are optional to fill in. These are

    • User limit per day - if you want to restrict an offer to a specific number of redemptions per person per day. For example, if you were giving away something, you can enter 1 to make sure users can only claim it once.
    • Thank you message - a small message that appears after the QR code has been scanned.
    • Maximum usage limit - if you have a finite number of redemptions available, this will ensure a limit is placed.
  • Allow QR Code to be reused anonymously - setting this to yes or know will allow or prevent the sharing of a QR code outside of the app. By default, this will be set to no.


Once you have set up your label and icon, there are some fields to complete to ensure this works as you would expect.

First is your thank you message. This is a message that will show when an app user presses the RSVP button.

Next is the RSVP Alternative text. This is what users will see when they have already RSVP’d for something. It is essentially giving them the ability to withdraw the RSVP. So first, you need a label for the button. The most common choice for a label tends to be Un-RSVP; however, you are welcome to enter something you may find more suitable. After that comes the message field. Much like the thank you message, this message will show when a user presses the button to cancel their RSVP.

Finally, you can set the usage limits. If you have a maximum number available, you can enter the number and a message to show once the number is reached.


The review button invites people to offer feedback for an event or offer. Users will be able to give it a rating out of 5 and leave a comment. Finally, the info text is just an area for you to leave some specific instructions or questions if you would like.


Important note: for the RSVP and Review button above, you will need to ask your property management team to give you the replies as it will not show in the app.


Finally, the URL button can be used to add a specific website. You can just fill in the label and icon and then enter the URL you would like the button to point to. Be sure to include the complete web address, including the https part. So for example,

Wrap up

This feature isn’t in every one of our apps so it may be that you do not have access yet. If you are unsure and would like to find out or if you have any questions about the action buttons, please reach out to our support team via the live chat widget or emailing and we’ll be happy to help.