Retailer Awards

What are Retailer Awards?

Awards are a fun staff empowerment system for promoting the visibility of talent and effort through peer to peer award-giving and recognition. 

With just a few taps you can award colleagues for excellence in a range of areas including customer service, product knowledge and more. You can even build your onboarding processes with New Starter badges to welcome them to the team!

The award badges act as visible recognition of your team efforts and can be a great way to spot previously unknown excellence and look for opportunities to promote the right customer service behaviour. 

Encourage your team to reinforce excellence by nominating colleagues for awards within your team or store.

Giving an award

Giving an award is easy. Open your Awards home page and you will see the option to give an award under the Get involved section. Simply follow these steps::

  1. Choose the person you would like to award and press continue
  2. Choose the award you would like to give them
  3. Add a message. This is an optional step if you want to highlight why you feel your colleague deserves their award.
  4. Double-check your details and Submit your award!

Awarding outside of your store

Currently, this is not supported but we are looking into it. If you think it is a great idea, click here and let us know, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Receiving an award

If you receive an award you will be notified by a push notification. You can either press on it or open your app and head to the awards area to see who gave you your award and why.

Team awards

You can access the team awards section from the homepage. Pressing on a name will take you to a list of their awards that you can open to see when and why they were given.

Flagging an inappropriate award

If you see an award you do not feel should be there as it doesn’t meet the community standards you can press the ‘report this’ link. This will alert the property management team who can review and either un-flag the item if they feel the award is legitimate, or take action to remove it.

FAQ section

Who gets to give out awards?

Anyone within the app can give an award to another team member within their own store. 

Can anyone see who has been given an award?

Yes! In the team awards section, you will be able to see the rewards of colleagues as well as when and why they were given.

Can managers give out awards?

Yes, but on the same basis as any other staff member - their vote counts with the same 'weight' as any other.

How many awards can I get?

As many as you get given! There are no set limits.

What happens to all the awards - do I get a prize?

The app just allows awarding of kudos to teammates - how or whether those are interpreted and translated into any rewards scheme is the management team's decision.