Admin Control & Administering Staff

Admin control is the area in the app that managers can approve and block access to the app and assign special attributes to a user.

When registering to the app for the first time, a user needs to choose what company they belong to. Once they have done this, a manager within that company will have to confirm they are an employee and approve their account to allow them full access to the app.


Please note - this is a new version of the previous staff management version. If your app does not look like the screenshot below, it is likely you have not been upgraded yet and will be soon. Please refer to this article for more information on the other version.


Approving users

When you open the Staff Admin button, you will immediately see a list of app users in your company that has registered for the app and need approval. If you recognise the name, press on their name to select them and hit the green approve access button, this will enable them full access to the app.

If you do not recognise the name, maybe someone signed up to your store in error, press the red decline button, and they will be removed from your store.

If you do not have anyone pending approval, you will see a list of the people already in your company.

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You can filter your views using the slide-in menu accessed from the icon in the top right. You can also use the search field if you are looking for a specific user.

Removing a user

If you have an employee that has left your company, you will need to remove their access to the app. You can do this by pressing on their name and removing them from the store.

Reinstating a user

If you have a user who left but came back or blocked someone by accident, you will need to reinstate them. You can do this by opening the menu and looking at the Removed Users section.

Once there, you can select the user or users you wish to give access back to and press the green reinstate button.

Other actions

With the same process, you can also perform additional actions:

  • Promote/demote - depending on your role; you can promote and demote users to give them additional privileges in the app.
  • Add/remove keyholder - this will allow the property management team to see who is a registered keyholder within your company.
  • Add/remove emergency contact will allow the property management team to see who is a registered keyholder within your company.
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Additional features for property management teams

Depending on your role within the property, you will be able to view all of the companies within your property.

From here, you will be able to view the contact phone number (if this is missing, it can be added to the CMS edit store page) and, depending on your setup, the individual stores to administer users on their behalf.

This will most often be required when a new store is signing up their first user; you can approve and make them a manager within this part of the app.


I can’t see the Staff Admin button.

The button could have a different name depending on your app. Look for something along the lines of Staff management or Store admin. If neither of these exists, we’d recommend reaching out to your property management team, who will be able to help you.

What if I am the manager and no one can approve my access?

If there are no other app users set up as management within your store, you must contact your property management team. Once you have been made a store manager, you can promote, demote and block as you like.

How do I know if I have been verified?

When a manager has approved your account, you will receive a push notification to confirm. You can also check by logging in and navigating around the app. If you can access the offers and information, you have been approved.