The Approval Process and Roles

How to finalise your registration

Once you have created your account, the final step is ensuring your account is approved, this requires either a member of management from within your store, or a member of the property management team to do this.

If you are seeing a message that you don't have permission to view content, or that your account status is still pending approval, then you will need to speak to a member of management from within your team.

But what if I am the manager?

If there are no other app users set up as management within your store, you will need to contact your property management team.

Once you have been made a store manager, then you can promote, demote and block as you like.

How to verify your staff

Please note - this is about an older version of the staff management version. If your app does not look like the screenshot below, it is likely you have been upgraded. Please refer to this article for more information on the other version.

Once you are a manager, it’s over to you. When a team member downloads the app, they will have selected the option that they work at your store.

When you open the app you will have a pop-up saying you have staff pending approval. Even if you don’t get a pop-up, it is still a good idea to regularly check.

If you have staff pending you will see that the app will automatically go to the pending screen in the menu dropdown. If you are all up to date it will say approved.

If you have staff pending, press the edit icon and you’ll have a number of options including Approve and Block.

If you don’t recognise the name of the user, then feel free to block them, it may be that they selected the wrong store in error. If you recognise the name the press approve and you have just granted them aces to the app.

When you have no more staff pending, the app will automatically take you to the staff overview screen where you can see all your team.

Staff Approval

What do I do if someone leaves?

When you have an employee that no longer works in your store you can simply block them to stop their access.

If you press the edit icon, next to their name in the staff management button, you will have the option to do this here.

What do I do if I blocked someone by mistake?

You can easily unblock a user by going to your staff management button and setting the filter status selector (you can see this in the right-hand screenshot in the image above) and selecting blocked. Here you will see all of the users associated with your store that are blocked.

Just press the edit icon next to their name and change their status back to approved.

How do I know if I have been verified?

When a manager has approved your account you will receive a push notification to confirm. You can also check by logging in and navigating around the app. If you can access the offers and information, you have been approved.

Why can’t I see or access all of the buttons?

Which buttons you can and can’t see depends on your role, these will normally be usually Staff, Store Manager or Manager 1.

Everyone is Staff when they sign up but the management within your store can control who has staff vs management access. 

Depending on what role you are depending on what you can access and do within the app.